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José Alexandre Nalon nalon at
Thu Aug 9 13:45:12 UTC 2007


> I have a Palm T/X and have been trying as well to get it to sync
> properly with Linux.  Several years ago I had a Palm IIIxe and it synced

At least, something I might help with. :) I also have a Palm TX,
and most of the time, I can get it to work fine. Sometimes the
device is not detected, but usually, pressing the Hot Sync button
in the USB cable that came with the Palm works. Ubuntu forums have
some threads in the subject, I suggest searching there if this
doesn't work. I also found the links [1] and [2] to pages in the
community site. What I did came from link [2]:

1) First, create the empty text file /etc/udev/rules.d/10-custom.rules

2) Insert the line below on the file. This is only one line, if
it shows as two lines, the reason is that my email program is
splitting it:

BUS="usb", SYSFS{product}="Palm Handheld*", KERNEL="ttyUSB*", 
NAME{ignore_remove}="pilot", MODE="666"

I think that this will detect which device your Palm is connected
to and create a link /dev/pilot linking directly to it. So, you
should configure your program (I use KPilot) to search this device.
I don't know exactly how to create these rules, but in the links
below you will find a link to another thread that explains it, if
needed. Most likely, if your device is not detected, you will have
to change the SYSFS string. Also, you could try substituting the
KERNEL string to "ttyUSB[13579]*", because those are the ports
that Palm uses (actually, I read somewhere that the Palm devices
uses two USB ports at the same time, but data always go through
an odd numbered one).

3) Save the file and try to sync. Keep an eye in the /dev/pilot
file and see if it shows up. If it shows but the sync does not
work, try adding the 'visor' module to /etc/modules. Edit the
file and add after the last line:


4) To load the module immediatly, without having to reboot, go
to the shell and type:

$ sudo modprobe visor

and that will load the module. Try again to sync your Palm.
Everything should work now.


* The KPilot configuration wizard doesn't seem to recognize
the device even if the above procedure works. It tries to
detect it but fails. Nonetheless, it is able to sync. Don't
ask me how. :)

* Sometimes, KPilot will not detect when the Hot Sync button
is pressed. Try exiting KPilot, running it again, and trying
the Hot Sync button again.

I hope it helps. If you find any solution to the problems
above, I would like to hear.


José Alexandre Nalon
nalon at

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