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Kelly L. Fulks kfulks at
Thu Aug 9 12:00:08 UTC 2007

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> I have acquired a PalmOne Tungsten E2. It works fine as a hand held
> PDA. I have been trying to link it to my computer (Kubuntu Edgy). I
> linked the PDA by cable to a USB port. I tried using kpilot but it just
> does not work. I cannot connect to the PC at all.
> Any help, suggestions  gratefully received. 
> Thanks
> Neil Winchurst

I have a Palm T/X and have been trying as well to get it to sync
properly with Linux.  Several years ago I had a Palm IIIxe and it synced
flawlessly.  That is what encouraged me to get the Palm T/X, along with
price and WiFi built in.

One problem that I have noted with the T/X is that the USB tty that it
associates itself with (in Edgy) changes.  It might start with ttyUSB1
when I plug it in, but when I start the hotsync, it will move to ttyUSB3
or ttyUSB2, etc.

This same thing causes problems when doing a sync to Windows XP on a
VMWare machine.  What I noted there was that when I plugged in the Palm,
it would become available, and I could manually connect it to the VM
session.  But as soon as I hit the hotsync button, it would become
disconnected from the VM.

Sorry I can't be more help, but maybe this will help someone else come
up with an idea.

Kelly L. Fulks
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near Huntsville, AL

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