fake raid SATA card working with Kubuntu 6.06 ?

James Gray james.gray at dot.com.au
Thu Aug 9 05:26:57 UTC 2007

Christophe Guilbert wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Could guys advise me on a fake raid sata PCI card brand which would work 
> out of the box with Kubuntu 6.06, I want to do a raid 0+1 server with 
> 3x500GB HDs.
> Thanks a lot for any shared experience.

0+1 on 3 drives....oooookay.  I've used the Adaptec 1420 cards with 
Linux 2.6.9 (CentOS) without any major problems.  IIRC I needed to 
download the driver from Adaptec though - easy to install.

Beyond that, I've also used a number of "Silicon Image" based boards 
that use the "sata_sil24" module.  However, you still need to use 
"mdadm" or LVM to create the RAID sets as the SI boards simply present 
the drives as separate block devices (ie, /dev/sd[abcd]).  Still "fake 
RAID" is really just software RAID abstracted back a level so Joe User 
only sees one drive.



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