Peter Lewis prlewis at
Wed Aug 8 08:05:40 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 08 August 2007 at 00:20:01 Derek Broughton wrote:
> James Tappin wrote:
> > JT> Methinks there's a bug here.
> > JT>
> > JT> For me if there is nothing in /etc/network/interfaces then it scans
> > and JT> shows me the wireless networks that it finds. However it once I
> > JT> configure the interface (entering ESSID and WEP key) that is written
> > to JT> /etc/network/interfaces, whereafter it no-longer scans.
> > JT>
> > JT> It therefore seems to be at best a grave misfeature that reduces the
> > JT> usefulness of the tool to near zero. If anyone is of the opinion that
> > JT> I'm misinterpreting the function & purpose of knetworkmanager speak
> > up JT> or I'll post a bug report tomorrow.
> >
> > Now reported as Bug #130863
> I think that's reasonable, but do you not realize that it's actually a
> _design_ feature?  NetworkManager (if you reported this against
> knetworkmanager, you reported it to the wrong place, I believe)
> specifically ignores anything you've chosen to manually maintain - by
> using /etc/network/interfaces.

Interesting. I can see how that might be useful, but IMO it would be more so 
if there was an option in the tool to return to the previous functionality.


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