Suspend resumes after 6 minutes!

marc gmane at
Mon Aug 6 18:56:27 UTC 2007


After a failed upgrade from Dapper to Feisty on a laptop, I decided to 
reinstall; wiping the partition en route.

When I suspend, all is fine. And, if I resume with approx. 10 mins, the 
resume works as expected.

However, when I resume after 10 mins or so, the disk starts up, the fan 
starts, but the monitor doesn't restart. Whether the machine is back at 
this point, I'm not sure.

But, after six minutes, the machine bursts into life, and the world is 
good again.

Clearly, a six minute resume is almost useless, so does anyone have any 
pointers where to look to resolve this? Thanks.

(Btw, suspend was flawless on Badger and Dapper on this machine - and 
Debian before than, albeit with a custom kernel.)


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