Compiz / Beryl on KDE?

Paul S paulatgm at
Sun Aug 5 02:06:27 UTC 2007

Dotan Cohen said the following on 08/04/2007 08:32 PM:
> I just reinstalled Feisty on my Dell Inspiron laptop with the ATI
> Raedon X1400 video card. I can get Compiz to run with effects in
> Gnome, but in KDE I get no effects. It appears that Compiz is running
> because when I right click on the red Beryl logo (after running
> beryl-manager), I can see that the Compiz window manager is selected.
> Also, minimizing windows funnels them into the task bar. However, I
> cannot enable wobbly windows or other effects. Also, when I select
> Beryl as the window manager, instead of Compiz, it fails and defaults
> to the Kwin manager.
> What must I do to enable effects with either Compiz or Beryl? Thanks in advance.

I upgraded to compiz-fusion from Trevino's repository, but when I was 
using beryl, I seem to recall that it was necessary under KDE to set the 
number of viewports in the beryl manager config to either 1 or 4.


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