nfs connection speed question - Solved!

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Fri Aug 3 09:14:31 UTC 2007

Mark Kelly wrote:
> Hi.
> On Thursday 02 August 2007 22:01, David McGlone wrote:
>> On Thursday 02 August 2007 12:43:59 pm Nigel Ridley wrote:
>>> My fstab entry (on the laptop):
>>> /mnt/Home nfs noauto,rw,user,hard,intr 0 0
>> Nigel, I'm not an expert, but shouldn't your entry have some forward
>> slashes in front of the IP address
> The // notation is specific to CIFS, as far as I know. Nigel's fstab looks 
> fine.
>> I'm not really sure about nfs, but I'd suspect it works like cifs.
> No, it's quite different.
> The only advice I can offer about the original problem is to look carefully 
> at the firewalls on both machines. NFS uses a randomly chosen port for 
> each connection, perhaps negotiating this is causing the delay. I have 
> seen it fail with an overly stringent firewall.
> Mark

No it wasn't the firewall - it was - drum_roll - nfs-common wasn't installed!
I never thought to install it as I figured it came as default and anyway I could 
connect to the main [server] box albeit after 1 1/2 minutes.
I checked to see what [of nfs] was installed using Adept and lo and behold - 
nothing! So I installed nfs-common and now it connects instantly :-)

Question: How come I could connect (using 'mount /mnt/Home') without anything of 
nfs being installed??



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