MP3 player is "full" but has no files on it...

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu Aug 2 22:55:04 UTC 2007

On Thursday 02 August 2007, Laurent Asorne wrote:
> When I click on the icon of the MP3 Player in /media/, it already shows
> that its usage is 99% even before I make any transaction ... Doesn't that
> mean that the system has infos about this specific device in memory and
> that this memory only needs to be refreshed or deleted?

I have a Samsung YU-1 player and after a few months of putting files and 
erasing files on it, it tends to have a flakey file system.   For example, 
you put a book on it and when listening, it will run into a 'block' of an 
older book that has been erased.

So I reformat it using Windows and it's good for some more usage.

You might try a format under Linux but I don't trust the Mass storage stuff at 
this point.

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