Two shares one mount point

David McGlone david.mcglone at
Thu Aug 2 21:06:00 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 31 July 2007 4:00:21 pm Pierre Hansson wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Have searched but not yet found any solution to this.
> Is it possible to mount the shares 1 & 2 (on the windowsbox) to
> /home/media/files.
> Have tried to just add with same mount point in fstab, but only the last
> added entry in fstab shows up.
> Looking forward to your replies.

Is the windows box a network box or is it local?

let us see your fstab. 

Here is an example of my box mounting windows from a local partition:

# /dev/hda1
UUID=DADC512CDC510463 /media/hda1 ntfs 
defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,uid=0,gid=46,auto,rw,nouser 0 1

David M.

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