connecting to rt2500

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Thu Aug 2 17:37:59 UTC 2007

> He has to depend on a wifi connection

Perhaps is this wifi manager better -
You could give a try. At least the homepage says:

"Welcome to the home of wicd. wicd was started because of the lack of useful, functional wireless 
network connection managers in Linux. It is also capable of connecting to wired networks as an added 
bonus. For information on installing, please see below. The official releases are for Ubuntu, but it 
has been known to work in Debian. It may also work in other distros. wicd will work on any version 
of Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 and above."

    1. backwards compatible with standard *nix networking commands (iwconfig, ifconfig, etc)
    2. wired networks
    3. named network profiles
    4. select between static IP addresses and DHCP on a per network basis
    5. store different static IPs, gateways, subnet masks, DNS server addresses per network
    6. wireless networks
          1. automatically connect at boot - no user intervention required, even for encrypted networks
          2. keeps network keys in root accesible only (600) files (unencrypted, however)
          3. automatically selects between static IP addresses and DHCP on a per network basis
          4. encryption (template based)
                1. WPA 1/2
                2. WEP
                3. LEAP
                4. TTLS
                5. EAP
                6. PEAP
    7. automatically connects at resume from suspend
    8. displays information about the network

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