Network Shares on Wireless network

Phil Pinkerton pcpinkerton at
Wed Aug 1 20:38:08 BST 2007

Change the wireless connection to manual to select the network you want, but
then to do that you need to login.

On 8/1/07, Paul Lemmons <paul at> wrote:
> Ok, this is either something so trivial that everybody but me knows the
> answer or I have lost the skill of searching Google. I am hoping that is
> the former, not the latter.
> I have a laptop. It's only connection is a wireless one.
> I have a networked disk drive (MyBook World II) that offers SMB shares
> I can mount the shares easily once I am logged in
> That is all good. Now I want to makes some of the shares available all
> of them time. For example, I have installed backuppc (and like it so
> far) and would like my backups to go to the mounted drive. Here is where
> I run into the problem. I don't connect to a network unless I am logged
> in because knetworkmanager does the search and connects me to whatever
> network I am closest to at the time.
> There in lies my problem, I want my cake (network connection before I
> login) and to eat it too (be able to have it search for wireless
> networks and connect appropriately)
> Has anybody else solved this problem?
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