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Lokeey lokeey at
Thu Apr 19 13:54:56 UTC 2007

how is the graphics support on this? i'm looking to build a new system with
a GeForce 7600GT and possibly go SLI in the near future.  is there anyone
that currently has this setup with SLI and RAID0/1?

On 4/19/07, Rick Chagouri-Brindle <rcb at> wrote:
> With the glitches and bugs that get talked about regarding Feisty on
> here, it is easy to lose sight about what a fantastic desktop/OS it is.
> I have been using Ubuntu/Kubuntu since 5.10 and while I found Edgy fine
> to use, Feisty just seems altogether more polished!
> At the beginning of the week, I installed Feisty from scratch.  Not
> being  a fan of the graphical installer, I used the alternative install
> CD iso and everything worked perfectly first time. My Linksys Bluetooth
> adapter was recognised and configured as was networking. All in all,
> Feisty seems a bit quicker than its predecessor!
> All in all, I wanted to say a big thank you to all involved!
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