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> BTW eth0 is my wired ethernet card and eth1 is my wireless card. Why
> eth1 is not wlan0?

Histerical Raisins: the kernel network developers favour, in general, a
unified namespace for "Ethernet-like" interfaces rather than
per-transport names.

So, an 'ethN' name is actually preferable to them than a 'wifi0' or
'wlan0' name.  Some drivers use the later, though, because they
traditionally did and breaking compatibility with user-space is not
considered good form.

> One other issue is no mater what I do in /etc/network/interfaces when
> I go to K-Menu>>System Settings >> Network Settings I see different
> parameters and IP addresses. If I disable eth0 from there and restart
> the computer, the eth0 is enabled again.

I can't really help you with that, sorry.  I don't have specific
experience in the area.

> Below is my interface config file content. Would you please check and
> tell me if it is ok.

That looks correct.

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