Klaptop or Kpowersave

Joan Tur joantur at cancullet.org
Thu Sep 28 14:39:05 UTC 2006

Es Dijous, 28 de Setembre de 2006 15:39, en Derek Broughton va escriure:
| > Well, AFAIK Ubuntu handles the suspend, resume, etc behaviours
| > through /etc/default/acpi-support, and there's where I've set what
| > services to stop, then restart, what modules to unload prior to
| > suspend... what I meant is that Ubuntu could/should modify kpowersave to
| > "read" the settings from that file instead of having to manually
| > reconfigure that again.
| I tend to agree, but unfortunately the powersave people know nothing about
| the acpi-support or hibernate packages (they're really SuSE folks, iirc),
| so I've completely removed that package and made changes in /etc/powersave/
| to match the changes I previously had in /etc/acpi.  The next version of
| kpowersave may look quite different, because the Ubuntu packager isn't
| happy with the way it works, now, but I doubt that will mean any
| integration with the existing acpi-support/hibernate packages.
I'm not in a hurry, we can wait until changes arrive  8-)

Anyway what we, laptop users, need is a kde applet where we can configure 
(through a graphical app) the following:

-suspend/resume options (it should write/read /etc/default/acpi-support),
-laptop_mode settings:
	-hd: spindown, readahead
-cpu settings:
	-governor to use when on battery/ac
	-max & min speed when on battery/ac (I'm a linux-phc user)

What do you think?  8-?

Joan Tur (aka Quini), Eivissa-Spain
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