Embedded Videos Still Wont Play In Mozilla Browser

Eduard Bonet eduard.bonet at upf.edu
Thu Sep 28 10:21:35 BST 2006

>>Hey Roger,
>>Yes, I have w32codecs, also libavcodecs(think that's
>>right) and maybe some others. Sorry, I overlooked it
>>on last reply.
>>Re: mplayerplug-in and mozilla-mplayer. I am aware
>>that mozilla-mplayer(kubuntu 3.17) provides the
>>plugin. I had it installed but mozilla didn't play the
>>embeds. A user, maybe you as I'm all confused over
>>this issue, said he could play the embeds with mozilla
>>using gxineplugin so I rmed mozilla-mplayer and
>>installed qxineplugin which didn't work for me and it
>>was in the about plugins list. Kevin DeKortes, of
>>mplayer-plugin-develop fame, suggested I remove
>>mozilla-mplayer and install mplayerplug-in which is
>>not in Kubuntu distro mirrors as far as I can tell. I
>>did find an rpm googling,
>>mplayerplug-in-3.30-fc5.i386.rpm and converted it to a
>>deb with wajig rpmtodeb, and installed it with dpkg
>>-i, but it doesn't show up in about plugins. I can run
>>the apt show or wajig list and it shows to be
>>installed but I can't find it with locate.
>>I will try to reinstall mozilla-mplayer eventually but
>>I want a newer version(had v3.25 before leaving Deb)
>>to reinstall and also want to get some feedback from
>>Kevin on just what he wants me to try. I did add a deb
>>mirror that should have gotten me a later version:
>>#Sid Debian Multimedia (packages, GPG key:
>>deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org sid main
>>Update gave no error for the mirror after adding the
>>key. However, apt search still shows v3.17, the
>>kubuntu  uptodate version. I'm not that familiar
>>adding the gpg key and may have an error.
>>so, that's were I stand. Of course, I'm very much open
>>to any suggestion you might have and will try them out
>>while waiting on Kevin.
>>Do appreciate your help,
>>Leonard Chatagnier
>>lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
>For if you still have the problem, try putting symbolic links or just 
>copy the plugins files into your folder /.mozilla/plugins
>Restart the browser and check with about:plugins because they should be there.
Just to clarify it; by /.mozilla/plugins folder i refer to the one you 
have in home; that is ~/.mozilla/plugins

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