Klaptop or Kpowersave

Joan Tur joantur at cancullet.org
Wed Sep 27 20:32:50 BST 2006

Es Dimecres, 27 de Setembre de 2006 18:54, en Derek Broughton va escriure:
| Joan Tur wrote:
| > Es Dimecres, 27 de Setembre de 2006 09:49, en Donatas G. va escriure:
| > | Kpowersave is a more advanced package, but, for me, it fails to work
| > | with laptop hibernation and suspend.
| >
| > Same here.  It seems to only do the "echo 1 > /sys...", so no shutdown
| > nor resume scripts are run... but it would be a very good option if they
| > do solve that problem...
| I can't imagine a case where "hibernate" _should_ invoke "shutdown" scripts
| (and "echo 1 > /sys..." implies _sleep_, not hibernate, which imo should be
| doing very little at all), but if you mean that there are scripts that you
| want to have run before and after hibernation, you can do that.
| See /etc/powersave/sleep and SERVICES_TO_RESTART.
Well, AFAIK Ubuntu handles the suspend, resume, etc behaviours 
through /etc/default/acpi-support, and there's where I've set what services 
to stop, then restart, what modules to unload prior to suspend... what I 
meant is that Ubuntu could/should modify kpowersave to "read" the settings 
from that file instead of having to manually reconfigure that again.

Thanks for your answer  ;)

PD I don't know what to echo on /sys... because... I have never done it 
manually  O8-)

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