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> Well, if you look at the download page/link it says;
> Picasa 9 Mb, Wine 12 Mb and Gecko Engine 3 it is actually run
> through Wine.

Correct.  However, you don't run wine like you normally would to run
Picasa.  You don't have to envoke wine at all as the linux Picasa is built
with wine support by default.  Much different than actually running wine to
run a program, specifically Picasa.

Gwenview is not near Picasa (no offense meant) and when I try to figure
> digikam out (without downloading that is) I can't figure out it's
> features.

I don't use either app, only know about them so I don't know what features
one has over the other to be honest.  There are many other apps out there
that do similar things as well just those 2 are probably the most used.

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