Opening GUI as another user

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Sep 25 10:05:32 BST 2006

On 20/09/06, Felipe Figueiredo <philsf at> wrote:
> Em Wednesday 20 September 2006 04:01, Ian Rose escreveu:
> >
> > If you are running sshd on the machine you can log in using
> > ssh -X localhost -l username
> There is no need to insert the overhead of TCP connection AND encryption for
> localhost. As someone mentioned earlier, use 'sux'.
> apt-cache show sux
> Description: wrapper around su which will transfer your X credentials
>  Sux is a wrapper around the standard su command which will transfer
>  your X credentials to the target user.
>  .
>  ( from )

Thanks, I agree that ssh is overkill. I'd really like to understand
more about X credentials, wrappers, and the like. I've googled the
terms, but I only find technical information written for people
already familiar with the construct. Are there and resources that the
list could suggest, so that I will actually _understand_ what it is
that I'm doing when I use a wrapper, or change my X credentials?


Dotan Cohen

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