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> On Sunday 24 September 2006 4:07 am, Gert Gast wrote:
> > Hi all, I just installed Dapper 6.06 Ubuntu, and I'm not so sure whether
> > I
> like gnome that much. It is very slick, but kde has far more options and
> flexibility with customisation. So I wonder, does it make sense to install
> the kde desktop on top of ubuntu and then at least be able to choose at
> startup. If that's a possibility what would I have to install apart from
> the kde deskstop. Else, would that cause major problems with dependencies
> etc and is not recommended? Anyone has any experience with that?

I'm running Kubuntu, and I agree with you about the flexibility of KDE versus 
Gnome (it's why I switched from Fedora Core to Kubuntu; KDE support in Fedora 
Core was grudging at best).

Having said that, there are some Gnome applications that I prefer to use over 
their KDE counterparts; the GIMP is easier for me to use than Krita, for 
example, and I use GRAMPS for genealogy work, and I believe that both Firefox 
and are built with Gnome components rather than KDE 
components.  I've found that as long as the Gnome libraries are installed 
(such as GTK), then the programs run fine within KDE.  And, of course, with 
Adept or apt-get, if you choose to install a Gnome package within KDE, all of 
the dependencies which are required will be downloaded and installed at the 
same time.  I don't have the gnome desktop installed, but I've had systems in 
the past which had both installed, and never encountered any problems.

Hope that helps.

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