Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Sep 19 14:27:53 UTC 2006

O. Sinclair wrote:

> What I want to achieve is 1400 * 1050 resolution on a 4:3 Dell LCD laptop
> screen. It is of course using 60 hz then. Anything else is in basically
> unnecessary. At the moment the maximum I get is 1280 * 1024 60 no matter
> what I try.

Are you getting 1280x1024 with the config you show below?  You don't even
tell it to give you 1280x1024, which is suspicious.
> I have tried some of your various advice and also some other things. In
> "System Settings", "Display" you have "Hardware" section.

The "system settings" on the KDE menu?  I don't know what I've b0rked on my
system, but Display's _another_ entry I don't have!

> Section "Monitor"
>     Identifier    "Laptop Monitor"
>     Option        "DPMS"
>     # 1400x1050 @ 60.00 Hz (GTF) hsync: 65.22 kHz; pclk: 122.61 MHz
>      Modeline "1400x1050_60.00"  122.61  1400 1488 1640 1880  1050 1051
>      1054
> 1087  -HSync +Vsync
>     HorizSync    28-70
>     VertRefresh    43-60
> EndSection

OK.  So that should, first, give you a valid modeline for 1400x1050.  The
HorizSync & VertRefresh values include the hsync & refresh (65.22 & 60) for
the mode, so that's good.

> Section "Screen"
>     Identifier    "Default Screen"
>     Device        "Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics
>     Device"
>     Monitor        "Laptop Monitor"
>     DefaultDepth    16
>     SubSection "Display"
>         Depth        24
>         Modes        "1400x1050_60" "1024x768"
>     EndSubSection
> EndSection

See, if you're getting 1280x1024 - it's not specified there.  I _still_
think the DefaultDepth is flakey.  Set it to 24.  I think you're defaulting
to a depth of 16 bits per pixel, and then using an entirely default set of
modes - which includes 1280x1024 but not 1400x1050.

> Any ideas are appreciated. The 915resolution came up because I read
> "somewhere" that this is the only way to make this card/screen work in
> intended resolution.

You're reading that because there's any number of users out there who say
it's so.  I'm here to tell you that the same card on a different Dell model
doesn't need it, and I have serious doubts that those who say it does have
every really tried to solve their problems without it.  In the end, my
observation is that most of the people who are running it didn't solve
their problem with 915resolution _anyway_, it was just one of the steps
they took and they left it in because it did no obvious harm.

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