Organizing home movies

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Sep 19 16:53:34 BST 2006

Thanks, Marcus. I tried the program for a few hours. I see that
Tellico doesn't fit my needs.

> It does display thumbnails of most files, that probably depends on KDE,
> but you'll have to ask on the mailing list whether it handles AVI
> files. If not you can place a feature request. Movies usually do not
> show in Konqueror as thumbnails or do they?

I found no way of doing this automatically.

> A simple way, is to create snapshot(s) from your movies as JPEGs/PNGs.
> Then create an image field in your database (collection fields) and
> place the image in that movie's entry. This is how DVD and CD covers
> are displayed. There is usually a way if you think about it.

I'm not about to do that for every movie. I need somehting that makes
the thumbnails automatically, like Konqi does.

> > , and let me open them by a click (or double)?
> Yes, it took me 5 minutes to create a DB, add some movies I have
> recorded from TV. It creates a link (called URL), and it launches the
> movie in Kaffeine for me when clicked.

Like said, I'd like to point it at a folder and have this done for me.
Like F-spot does for digital photographs.

> > And can I tag those thumbnails to show only the
> > ones related to what I want?
> I'm not sure about thumbnails, see above. Read my last mail again, and
> follow the link on cross-references (grouping).
> Just install it and play around with the program for a while. Join the
> mailing list for more advanced questions. Use the latest version
> The standard Ubuntu repositories have an old version. See
> my and Hawkwind's emails for links.

It is a nice app, though. I'd probably use it if I didn't have ListPro
on my PocketPC. And I got the desktop version of ListPro working in

Dotan Cohen

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