Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Sep 19 15:33:17 BST 2006

Ron Morse wrote:

> I find bottom posting makes communication tedious.
> Perhaps we should all do what works best for us and make
> necessary accommodations rather than try to impose our
> personal preferences on everybody else.

That's fine.  But if you were asking me questions, and insisted on
top-posting, I'd refuse to respond any further.  I'm taking my own time to
help here, and it is in the poster's interest to make things easy.  To put
it another way, _not_ top posting is a "necessary accommodation".

And I didn't ask for bottom posting either.  Posts should be trimmed to the
minimum needed for context and responses should be included inline as
required.  I won't impose that "preference" (sorry, it's not "personal",
it's been an issue of netiquette since the beginning of Usenet) on anybody,
I just retain the right to communicate only with people who behave.

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