Sharing files between VMWare XP installation and Kubuntu

Douglas Ward dward at
Mon Sep 18 12:21:06 UTC 2006

The current version of VMWare has the ability to connect to a local folder
on the kubuntu machine (I use it so I know it works).  Edit your virtual
machine settings and investigate Shared Folders.

On 9/18/06, Hamish <captainmish at> wrote:
> On Saturday 16 September 2006 18:59, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > How would I go about moving files between Kubuntu and an installtion
> > of XP on VMWare? Until now I've been using a USB drive, but now I need
> > to move a 1 GB file and it doesn't fit. I thought about using FTP with
> > the server on Kubuntu and the client on XP. But, what IP address do I
> > access Kubuntu with?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Dotan Cohen
> >
> Hi Dotan
> The easy (TM) way to do this would be to find out what ip address the
> windows
> guest has (open a command prompt in xp, then type 'ipconfig'), then
> connect
> to it from konqueror via smb://$ where username is
> an
> administrative user, is the ip of the guest and c$ is the
> administrative share for a drive (can be d$, e$ etc as well). If you
> cannot
> connect like that, go to the xp guest, browse to the folder you want to
> copy,
> right-click and choose sharing, and share the folder. Once that is done,
> you
> can connect with konq again to smb://user@ip/sharename. Remember that you
> will need to check the box "allow network users to modify these files" or
> something similar if you want to copy files *to* the xp guest.
> H
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