Brother MFC 5440 CN and WiFi WEP key

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Thanks guys, much appreciated, I will try suggestions.  I will let you know if I fall over again..   I am embarassed & stunned by the help received, given in peoples own free time.

I have MFC 5440 CN connected directly to Hub and access via WiFi .  Not sure if that will add to the fun.  Then there is that scanner and fax functions + OCR....

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." <dhcolesj at> wrote: On Monday 11 September 2006 2:54 pm, Roshan Mansinghani wrote:
> > > Firstly, I have a Brother MFC 5440 CN and have been unable to find a
> > > driver either through System Settings/Printers/Add Printers/Wizard or
> > > through the Brother Solutions Centre/Downloads/Linux.  I am a little
> > > confused about LPR and CUPS and CUPS wrapper terminology.   Could
> > > someone explain the terms and outline which driver I need and any
> > > possible sources other than the ones I have tried?
> Download this file
> That file is a "deb" file.  Using the command line, go into the
> directory where that file was downloaded and issue the following
> command:
> sudo dpkg -i name_of_file.deb
> Replacing "name_of_file.deb" with the filename you downloaded.
> Then, use the Add Printer facility.

No, that file alone WILL NOT cut it.  There are two files for the 5440, the 
file you mention above is JUST a wrapper, you HAVE to download the LPR .deb 
file as well.  
The 5440 is a single paper tray version of the 5480 (which I own).  I have 
also owned a 5440.  
Not only that, but if you are connected via USB as soon as you install the deb 
files for both the LPR, and the CUPS wrapper you'll have a printer 
named "MFC5440CN" that will work with standard paper sizes.

> > I can help with this one because I have a Brother MFC5480 CN (has an
> > extra Paper tray)
> > You need to go here:

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