Bash Scripts-HowTo

Billy Pollifrone billy at
Wed Sep 13 07:35:47 BST 2006

On 9/12/06, Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at> wrote:
> Well, I'm rather an old fart (72 on 4 Oct) and find it easier to consult
> the printed copy open on my lap than to switch screens back and forth
> interminably.  To me, thats a visual distraction I can often do better
> without.  But for those with a younger memory, it no doubt does save quite
> a few trees and ink. :)

I'm a younger fart and prefer a printed copy for the reason that I can
consult it
when I am away from the computer. A waiting room or when the wife is shopping
is a perfect time to brush up on some code. :-)

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