Kontact / koffice

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Sep 13 02:29:35 BST 2006

Richard wrote:

> since these apps use KDE gui, is there going to be more unity between
> apps, aka: in kmail (right click ) open attach spreadsheet into kspread...
> or,...your in kword, you type a letter, with to and subject field header,
> then right click and select mail it. (via KMail)

More?  I shouldn't think so.  As it is now, you can define how any
particular file type is opened.  I hate to think that I'd be forced to use
KOffice for anything, as it has always seemed to me the least capable
option of opening any "office" type document.

> How about using sqlite database for the back end, to tied all these apps
> together, and using kexi for a front end app.

???  I shudder at the thought.

> "And you still can't add a row into kspread".

Exactly.  So why would you want to integrate kdepim with that?

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