Brother MFC 5440 CN and WiFi WEP key

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> > Firstly, I have a Brother MFC 5440 CN and have been unable to find a driver
> > either through System Settings/Printers/Add Printers/Wizard or through the
> > Brother Solutions Centre/Downloads/Linux.  I am a little confused about LPR
> > and CUPS and CUPS wrapper terminology.   Could someone explain the terms
> > and outline which driver I need and any possible sources other than the
> > ones I have tried?

Download this file

That file is a "deb" file.  Using the command line, go into the
directory where that file was downloaded and issue the following

sudo dpkg -i name_of_file.deb

Replacing "name_of_file.deb" with the filename you downloaded.

Then, use the Add Printer facility.

> I can help with this one because I have a Brother MFC5480 CN (has an extra
> Paper tray)
> You need to go here:
> The LPR and CUPS things are just two different print systems in Linux & UNIX.
> (BTW:  CUPS is what Macs use now apparently)
> LPD - is Line Printer Daemon (LPR is part of that, and I have forgotten what
> the R stands for)
> CUPS - is Common UNIX Print System
> What Brother has done is created an LPD Printer Driver and a CUPS wrapper to
> use it.  So, if you're using CUPS, which you are in Kubuntu, you can manage
> your printer from there.
> You will need to download both LPR and CUPS drivers for Debian (because
> Kubuntu is Debian based).  Then follow the directions on the Web site.
> If your printer is connected via USB it should work right off the bat once the
> CUPS driver is installed, if you are using it on a Network you'll have to
> adjust the properties and redirect it from the USB port to the Network.
> Also, if you plan on using custom page sizes forget it.  They're not supported
> under Linux.  For some reason the losers could support it under a MAC
> (running CUPS) but not under Linux, (also running CUPS).  Go Figure.
> If I had the money I'd go back and buy an Epson (or maybe a Lexmark if they've
> improved any).  They're the only ones left that work with Linux over a
> Network.  HP makes you buy a JetDirect Card for most of its printers to work
> over a network, and Brother has crippled drivers.
> > Second problem is the WEP encrption (128).  WIth this switched on with the
> > Hub, and with the key entered under the correct connection under Linux, I
> > cannot access the internet.  With WEP encryption switched off, it works
> > fine.  Should I enter the key as "45:67: etc" or "45.67. etc"  or  just as
> > plain numbers? Is there any other reason for encryption not to work?  Other
> > computers under windows work wireless OK.  I am not sure if there is a
> > problem identifying Network changes as it takes a long time for the
> > Reloading Network dialogue to go after applying changes.
> >
> > Peter Brook
> This part I can't remember well enough.  I'll have to dig into again.  I got
> my laptop working with WPA encryption and haven't messed with WEP in a very
> long time.

What command did you use to configure Linux with your WEP key.  One
way to do it is:

sudo iwconfig eth1 key <enterkeywithnospaces>

This assumes eth1 is the name of your wireless device (it could also
be called wlan0).  Use the command 'ifconfig' to figure that out.

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