Very ODD, Adept update icon ? NO Update, Broken ?

Richard cms01 at
Mon Sep 11 00:07:14 UTC 2006

Okay, did a FRESH install of Kubuntu 6.06.1
went to the source list :Sources.list generator web site,
and re-did the sources.list file.. all went well,
had 100+ updates, all downloaded and install...

THEN oh oh...
I rebooted, and notice the icon for updates, was in my tray.
so, click on it and its said have 2 upgrades.... ok.
click fetch, and installed.... I notice the upgrade icon did not go away,
the updates where for amarok mp3 play, hmmm 
So, I open a terminal window and did: sudo dpkg apt-get --configure -a

NOPE. still there,
click on icon and did the fetch update and install and quit
NOPE. icon still there, rebooted twice, NOPE.

Installed synaptic package installer, and delete all cache,
and quit, click on the update icon and it re-fetch the packages,
and installed... NOPE. icon still there saying 2 packages to be updated.

Okay, this is nutz... open up synaptic package installer, and click refresh,
and a error message came up.. (hmm) no error message in adept installer.,
said: GPG error dapper release....etc. signatures couldn't 
be verfied because public key is not available NO_PUBKEY A506E...........

Okay, NOW what?
Is there a SIMPLE way of fixing this problem 

Thanks in Advance ( NEWBIE-NOVICE)


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