Brother MFC 5440 CN and WiFi WEP key

Peter Brook drpeter.brook at
Sun Sep 10 10:01:55 UTC 2006

I am a new Kubunto user having got a little frustrated with Microsoft insisting that legitimate software is not correctly registered and will no longer get updates......  I also have persistent problems with home networking under windows (ADSL Hub/Wirelesss, 1 desktop LAN, 1 desktop wireless and 1 mobile wireless).  So I thought it was time to try Linux again.

I have a couple of problems currently.

Firstly, I have a Brother MFC 5440 CN and have been unable to find a driver either through System Settings/Printers/Add Printers/Wizard or through the Brother Solutions Centre/Downloads/Linux.  I am a little confused about LPR and CUPS and CUPS wrapper terminology.   Could someone explain the terms and outline which driver I need and any possible sources other than the ones I have tried?

Second problem is the WEP encrption (128).  WIth this switched on with the Hub, and with the key entered under the correct connection under Linux, I cannot access the internet.  With WEP encryption switched off, it works fine.  Should I enter the key as "45:67: etc" or "45.67. etc"  or  just as  plain numbers? Is there any other reason for encryption not to work?  Other computers under windows work wireless OK.  I am not sure if there is a problem identifying Network changes as it takes a long time for the Reloading Network dialogue to go after applying changes.

Peter Brook
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