Very ODD, Adept update icon ? NO Update, Broken ?

Richard cms01 at
Mon Sep 11 19:02:18 BST 2006

did what you ask:
here are the results:

Sudo apt-get install amarok amarok-xine

Some packages could not be installed

The following packages have unmet dependencie's
Amarok: depends libvisual-0.4.0 (>=0.4.0)
"but it is not installable"
E: Broken package
Okay, there appears to be a real problem
I can't even use the package manager to remove amarok either...

await the next step.
Thanks -

On Sunday 10 September 2006 10:04 pm, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> On Sunday 10 September 2006 21:14, Richard wrote:
> > NOPE: The Same problem still there, its very odd,
> > did see in the CLI that it said about the the Keys again,
> > AND that amarok and amarok plugin (i think) was held back.
> >
> > And Yes, it download allot of item, but shown the key error,
> > and the amarok updates held back.....
> >
> > Do I need to wipe out the computer and do another install ?
> >
> No.
> What I'd do is wait a day or two on the key error as Ron Morse said.
> For amarok, etc. do this:
> sudo apt-get upgrade
> You will get the error listing the packages held back.  Then:
> sudo apt-get install [list the exact package names here]
> It will then ask you if it's OK to upgrade those packages and install some 
> other new ones.  Say yes.  That should do it.  If not, report back and we'll 
> try again.
> Scott K
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