Adept Manager not working

Tobbe Lindgren tlinux at
Sat Sep 9 22:14:28 UTC 2006

It seems to me that you have the same problem i had after installing Kubuntu.
During installation the program couldn't update the system and i thought that 
i should do it afterwards but ran in to some major difficulties, apt-get and 
aptitude just would not work.
I was able to surf the net and get mail and so on but i just could not get 
updates or install other apps.
After some web research i came to the conclusion that the problem was in my 
network settings; i changed the dns ip settings to the ip-adress of my 
internet provider and after that everything worked excellent. I am using an 
adsl connection with a modem and a router and it was these adresses that were 
set by default as dns servers. I got the new adresses by exploring the modem 
settings in my web browser
The sources.list i use is the same provided to you by Rick Johnson.

Tobbe L.


lördag 09 september 2006 23:24 skrev Koen:
> I did use that commands but firefox not appearing and games
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> > Can somebody send me a copy of their /etc/apt/sources.list so that i can
> > paste it into my kate.
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> > How do I install Firefox? I tried all the commands in the user
> > luck.
> sudo apt-get install firefox
> > There is no games in do I put them back?
> sudo apt-get install kdegames
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