Accessing Second Hard Disk

Larry larry at
Sun Sep 10 01:54:41 BST 2006

On Sat, 2006-09-09 at 18:08 -0500, Rich Johnson wrote:
> On Saturday 09 September 2006 18:04, Larry wrote:
> > I have a second hard disk that I want to use only for data. I can mount
> > it and see it on the desktop. I used type EXT2.
> >
> > When I try to save something to it I am told that I don't have the
> > permissions to do that. I looked at the properties of the disk and see
> > that the owner is root.
> >
> > I tried to use chmod to change the properties, but I guess that I am not
> > doing it correctly because the I still cannot save anything.
> >
> > Please tell me what I am doing wrong and point me in the right
> > direction.
> >
> > Thanks.
> sudo chown -R username:username /directory/to/drive
> However, it needs to be setup with read/write access, so if you set it up the 
> way your other drives are in /etc/fstab that will automount it for you for 
> all to write to.

Your hint about the chown command pointed me in the correct direction. I
changed the owner of the mount point from root to me and now everything
is OK.

I already had it labeled as rw in the fstab file, but since the owner
was root, I couldn't access it using my own user id.

I'm getting the hang of this and am one step closer to dumping windows
completely. The Linux community is much more friendly and responsive
than the windows community.

Thanks again.

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