Q: Superkaramba stability

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 00:24:30 BST 2006

> However, I use SK everyday but just for Liquid Weather++ (v12.1).  I wasn't
> aware that SK has ceased being actively developed.

I'm not certain that it has; it's just the impression I've got from
their website. There is clearly quite a bit of theme development going
on, but it's much less clear that there's any work going on with the
actual SK engine -- which is where the stability problem(s) seem(s) to
lie. Maybe they're all working on a Plasma-based version or something.

> But, I'm like the other
> poster, I really don't just sit and stare at my desktop, so things like SK
> are just a novelty to me.

I use SK (at least, I try to) for lots of stuff: controlling and
monitoring my VPN tunnel, monitoring my system's CPU and network
usage, timing my tea, telling me which devices on my LAN are working
properly, which remote file systems are mounted, checking my POP
mailbox every minute, quick review of e-mails without downloading
them. All kinds of useful things. So you can imagine how frustrating
it is when it crashes on me.

Sure, it only takes about two minutes to restart SK (although it's
annoying that one has to restart every single theme individually;
despite many attempts, I've never been able to get it to load all the
themes properly when SK starts), so it's hardly the end of the world
-- just very, very annoying. And not a good advertisement for Linux
when someone says "what a cool desktop" and I have to tell them that
it would be a lot cooler if it didn't spontaneously crash every day or

Right, that's enough; end of my digression.

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