One user, two passwords?

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Thilo Six wrote the following on 06.09.2006 20:47:
> Scott Kitterman wrote the following on 06.09.2006 17:46:
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>>> With the standard Ubuntu server setup and SSH added in a dictionary 
>>> attacker needs to guess one password.  With a root account and no root 
>>> login set for SSH, then it's two.
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> IMHO it´s just the other way round. When you use su, root is a well
> known useraccount for attacks with a password-cruncher from outside.
> When using sudo, the password grabber has also to grab the right
> username according to this password to login.
> Only the right combination of both will let him in, and since on every
> ubuntu box the sudo (admin) user has an other username this is
> additional security.
>>> Scott K
> bye Thilo

partly i have to correct myself, since no one will ever let allow root
logins directly via ssh.
But then you can also have a second account+password for admin tasks
with sudo, too.
At last sudo is not less secure the su and personally i like it more.

bye Thilo
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