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Fri Sep 8 08:00:06 BST 2006

To the Kubuntu Community,
A few minutes ago I sent erroneuusly sent a follow up to the message below, thinking I was sending a personal message to a student of mine.  (Blame stupid Microsoft Exchange, which I have to use here.)
As it contains sensitive information that should have not been spread publicly I can only plead with each member of the community to not disclose its contents or pass it along further.
Yours in trust,
Patrick Healy


De: kubuntu-users-bounces at de la part de Richard
Date: ven. 08-sept.-06 06:27
À: Kubuntu Help and User Discussions
Objet : Tor

is Tor & provixy are they broken in Dapper for KDE ? 6.0.6 (all the updates
installed) try to install and setup the proxy via web browser, however it
does allow connection outside aka: ..etc

I did use this app, in Ubuntu, but not in KDE (Kubuntu)

Thanks -

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