One user, two passwords?

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Scott Kitterman wrote the following on 06.09.2006 21:38:
> Only true for SSH (the case I was discussing) if SSH allows root logins.  So yes, I agree it's less secure if you set it up in a less secure way.  I'd suggest not doing that.  Rootlogin=no is one line in sshd.conf.  With that it's the security of the userid and password combination plus coming up with the root password.
> I think this nicely reinforces my point that sudo is protection against poor operating practices, not additional security.  That protection is a good and useful thing in many case, but let's call it what it is.
> Scott K 

seems we had the same idea at the same time.  ;)
You are right security isn´t a manner of using su or sudo.

you may see ma previous post, too.

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