What's the official best way to use an USB external disk?

Leonardo de Miranda Cabral leomcabral at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 22:55:29 UTC 2006

My Kubuntu 6.06 LTS automatically mount my usb devices when I plug them by 
default as well as CD/DVD

Em Segunda 04 Setembro 2006 16:40, Jose Gomez-Dans escreveu:
> Hi Didier,
> On 9/4/06, Didier Raboud <didier at raboud.com> wrote:
> > First of all, one good thing to do is to have udev attributing a correct
> > inode to a peripheral. Without doing that, if you plug 2 USB sticks in
> > different orders, you can have once a naming and once another... So you
> > have to "ask" udev to attribute a unique inode per peripheral...
> OK, so Kubuntu doesn't do this automagically. It would be nice (IMHO)
> to have the option to write this entry automatically when the device
> is first inserted and the action menu pops up?
> Cheers!
> Jose

Leonardo de Miranda Cabral
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