One user, two passwords?

Billy Pollifrone billy at
Tue Sep 5 21:08:41 BST 2006

Using the sudoers file effectively along with the group, user and
world permissions, you should be able to get pretty good security
scheme going that the user can do only want they need to.

- Billy

On 9/5/06, MLA <mla at> wrote:
>     I'm toying with a couple of ideas for security, and was wondering if it's
> possible to assign a user two passwords, each with different levels of
> permissions. For example, password A is for normal login, maybe some
> administrative tasks, while password B is the key to the kingdom, rm -rf /
> kind of power. I've been looking through the documentation on sudo, but
> haven't found anything relevant yet. I suppose the first question I should
> ask is if it's even possible to have two passwords?
>     :Peter
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