remote desktop connection

Harold Hartley harold_hartley at
Mon Sep 4 21:35:54 UTC 2006

Jordi Ferrando wrote:
> Hi Harold,
> Do you mean
> a) VNC-like connection?
> b) File sharing?
> For (a) you can very easily setup <Internet><Desktop sharing> krfb
> You can also use <Internet><Remote desktop connection> krdc to
> access VNC servers (windows or linux ones)
> (b) If you need to share files, Linux uses samba. You must install samba.
> You will need to edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file, also reading
> samba documentation will be good.
> Harold Hartley escribió:
>> I'm trying to setup my network so I can connect to my desktop from my 
>> laptop and vice versa.
>> I've tried reading any help on it, but no luck.
>> I've also played around the configuration too, but no go.
>> Has anyone out there setup about the same thing that I'm trying to do.
>> If so, maybe a hint or so might get me on the right track.
>> Thanks
>> Harold
So as I understand. I would have to have samba to use between two linux 
boxes in order to send or recieve files from my desktop and to do things 
on the desktop when I need to do work on the desktop from my laptop.
I have the desktop setup to run my ham radio stuff and running a gateway.
I'm disabled and is stuck in bed most of the time and I run my laptop 
when I'm in bed and that is why I need to do what I mentioned above.


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