remote desktop connection

Harold Hartley harold_hartley at
Tue Sep 5 00:19:53 BST 2006

marc wrote:
> Harold Hartley said...
>> I'm trying to setup my network so I can connect to my desktop from my 
>> laptop and vice versa.
>> I've tried reading any help on it, but no luck.
>> I've also played around the configuration too, but no go.
>> Has anyone out there setup about the same thing that I'm trying to do.
>> If so, maybe a hint or so might get me on the right track.
> Depends what you mean by 'connect'. Exchange of files can be done in a 
> number of ways: NFS or Samba spring to mind. Samba is really easy on 
> Dapper, because you can configure the whole thing via KControl - albeit 
> with the usual bizarre handling of some things - presumably this is 
> available via System Settings too.
> Console-type connections can be done via ssh. If you have Windows in the  
> equation, then WinSCP and Putty are useful. You need to install ssh-
> server on the appropriate machines.
> Remote control can be useful, when VNC comes to mind - use KRDC as the 
> client (see KDE menu/Internet)
> If you want to log in to say, your desktop, from your laptop as a 
> regular KDE or Gnome session - i.e. remote login - then you need to 
> setup XDMCP on the 'server'.
> Off the top of my head, you need to edit - on the server - 
> /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc and set
>   [Xdmcp]
>   Enable=true
> and in /etc/kde3/kdm/Xaccess uncomment
>   *               CHOOSER BROADCAST
> /etc/ssh/sshd_config needs
>   X11Forwarding yes
> which seems to be the default in Ubuntu, but might be set in other 
> distros - I think it's 'no' in Debian. A fresh Kubuntu install will 
> perform a remote connect to a server - at least it does here; hit 
> [Alt+R] at the KDM and the available remote servers appear in the XDMCP 
> Host menu.
> There's more to all this stuff, so once we know more about what you are 
> trying to do, we can pull in the extra pieces.
Let me readup on what you have mentioned and see if I need anymore info.
If I still have some trouble, I'll get back to the list. In the mean 
time I'll work on the info I've seen here so far.


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