Amarok on AMD64

Brendan mailinglist at
Mon Sep 4 05:07:58 BST 2006

On Sunday 03 September 2006 08:01, Gert Gast wrote:
> Hi Reuben,
> well I've got xine-amarok installed with the package  ... still no luck.
> Kaffeine plays my audio CDs though ... but no luck with Amarok. Found in
> the manual that it needs
> TagLib 1.4
> I've the libs later versions though. I'll install Taglib 1.4 and see what
> happens ..

Honestly, installing things and "Seeing what happens" is a really bad idea. 
Taglib has nothing at all to do with sound. It reads id3 tags embedded in the 

Perhaps you should learn about how amarok produces sound and then check those 
things. It uses the xine engine...You have that installed? Try seeing if xine 
alone with play things for you...track back that way...

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