Changing machines.

David Bird obsidion at
Sat Sep 2 23:58:49 UTC 2006

On Sunday 03 September 2006 11:30, gabrielle harrison and Paul van den Bergen 

> I figured that the answer would be something like that - it kinda makes
> sense.  So the suggested method of re-installing but keeping as much of
> the archived atp packages as possible is the most sensible path...
> just to itterate...
> 1) install standalone Kubuntu from CD
> 2) copy /var/cache/apt/archives from old HDD to the new HDD
> 3) edit the new machines /etc/apt/sources.list to match the old machine
> (copy?)
> 4) sudo apt-get update
> 5) sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
> could you also copy /var/cache/apt/archives to a CD and use sudo apt-cdrom
> add???

  Yes though it means that you need to have the cd in of course and cds are 
slower to read than an hdd is. The other thing is that depending on your set 
up it may need you to keep changing cds which can be a pita. I find that 
copying the contents of var/cache/apt/archives directly to the new set up is 

  I would change the order slightly too

Install Kubuntu

change sources file, yes you could cut and paste. I have my sources list saved 
in my gmail, very handy if I am at someone else's place helping them install. 

run apt-get update

copy  archives or add cd of them 

then apt-get dist-upgrade


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