Adept error to commit

Jorge Tomé Hernando jorge at
Fri Sep 1 11:28:52 UTC 2006

On Fri, September 1, 2006 4:41, one_river at said:
> I get an error when tying to update Kubuntu.  I have tried updating
> from the terminal and in  the GUI.  There was even thread about
> uninstalling the acpi packages and trying again.  Did that and now I
> am more frustrated than ever.
> It doesn't matter if it is 1 package I install or 100... I get the
> same error.  Can someone help please?

I get exactly the same error you are getting every time i have a temporary
conectivity problem. Check that you can reach the sites listed in your
/etc/apt/sources.list file.

I have found that aptitude, in the command line, is very much clear saying
that it cannot connect when.. well, when it cannot connect. :-)

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