edgy fuzzy fonts bad

Vayu vayu at sklinks.com
Tue Oct 31 17:03:23 UTC 2006

I'd be interested in seeing a screenshot.

I just upgraded Dapper with KDE 3.5.5 and after that all Gnome 
applications and dialogs had horrible fonts. It was cured by going to 
the KDE settings/appearance &themes/fonts, unchecking the antialiasing 
checkbox, applying the change, rechecking the antialiasing checkbox, 
applying the change and then restarting X.

Another thing I can think of is post your .fonts.conf file, there are 
several things you can try there. It may not be set up as well as you 
had on Dapper.

golfer wrote:
> I don't like the fonts in edgy, compared to dapper.  They are too
> fuzzy.  In all applications, and all fonts, even the ttf I installed
> from my M$ partition.  It's a 10 on the yuck factor!
> It's particularly objectionable in konsole, with dejavu sans mono at
> 10 px.  It's very difficult to read.  I'm still downloading and
> installing, so can't try anything in gnome yet.
> I have an LCD with the nvidia-glx driver.
> Everything is cool in dapper, so I know it's an edgy problem.
> This is enough of a problem to make me stay with dapper.  I hope it
> can be fixed, but so far, I don't see any postings here or in the
> forums.
> Anyone else having this problem, or can help?

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