How/Where to get standard TrueType fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, ...) ?

Tez binary_y2k2 at
Tue Oct 31 06:20:51 UTC 2006

Let me just say, personally I hate the Adept interface, so I'm not
surprised that you can get confused with it.
So here's a step-by-step:

Click on the "Adept" menu and choose "Manage Repositories"
You should see a like like:
deb   dapper   universe
(If it's grey then you need to right-click it and select "Enable")
Then double-click on the section saying "universe", that will allow you
to edit it, change it to say:
"universe multiverse"
You'll also want to change the line with:
deb   dapper-updates   main restricted
to "main restricted universe multiverse"

When you have changed both lines, click on the "Apply" button, then the
"Close" button. You'll see the main Adept screen now, just click "Fetch
Updates" and then search for msttcorefonts.
If you get stuck anywhere let me know and I'll give more help.


john d. herron wrote:
> Adept Manager tells me that the following repositories are enabled:
> dapper main restricted, dapper-updates main restricted, dapper universe,
> dapper-backports main restricted universe multiverse, dapper-security
> main AND
> dapper-security universe.
> I assume when you say I should 'update the package list', you mean I
> ought to 'fetch updates'.
> That I have done. But still no joy.
> I realize I'm not the brightest person around. What am I missing?
> Tez wrote:
>> You have to enable the multiverse repository first, then update the
>> package list.
>> Tez

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