Installing F-Spot in Kubuntu

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Oct 31 20:43:22 GMT 2006

On 31/10/06, claydoh <claydoh at> wrote:
> I wonder if it is still propogating out to the various servers, as I just
> installed that package via apt this morning, and it was not found last
> evening when I tried.
> Here's a link to the official package:
> if you wanrto install it with dpkg.
> The package was not found on the site last evening either
> for me.

Thanks, I had already found it there, and installed it. I also had to
install libxml-parser-perl and mono-devel, but now I'm stuck on this
checking for mono.pc... configure: error: missing the mono.pc file,
usually found in the mono-devel package
dotancohen at ubuntu:~/Desktop/f-spot-0.2.2$ sudo apt-cache search mono.pc

That's after I installed mono-devel.

Dotan Cohen

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