Recovering directory

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Mon Oct 30 12:56:21 UTC 2006

Pascal Francq <pfrancq at> writes:

> After a wrong command, I delete a directory with 'rm -rf dir". Is
> there a tool to recover it?

Not helpfully, no.  Whatever command recovers files from your regular
backups will work fine but if you had those you probably wouldn't be
asking this, eh?

Ext3 destroys the information required to find the content again.  Most
of the other file system options use storage structures that make
undeletion difficult or impossible.

On ext2 alone you might have a chance, and on a FAT partition it isn't
actually very hard at all, as the same undelete tools as Windows work.

However the short answer: no, there isn't, and if you didn't have a
backup you are now short of luck.  Sorry.

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