Thunderbird (+OOo) locale problem(s) in edgy

Ian Rose ian at
Sun Oct 29 16:51:19 UTC 2006

I have been struggling to get my edgy installs sorted with my GB locale. 
Despite consistently choosing United Kingdom locale (en-gb) settings, 
KDE set my locale to en-us. After setting my kde locale (for each 
individual user) to en-gb settings, I found that Open Office still 
didn't respect that, again setting itself to use US-style dates, 
currency etc. That was straightforward to correct (although 
time-consuming, having to manually alter each of 6 users OOo preferences 
on 3 seperate pc's). (mind you, the fonts are headache-inducing still!)

Main issue:
However I am stuck trying to get Thunderbird to use GB-style dates (ie 
1st April 2004 = 1/4/04 rather than the US version 4/1/04), despite 
having thunderbird-locale-en-gb installed, and Thunderbird correctly 
spell-checking using English/United Kingdom. Does anyone know how to fix 
Thunderbird to get it to respect my locale settings with respect to date 
display OR to manually hack them?

Whinge: ;)
Although I've used Kubuntu from Hoary onwards, I have never spent so 
much time on launchpad before ;) !


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