Firefox 2.0 under Kubuntu Edgy Eft - tab management

cliff1976 kubuntu at
Sun Oct 29 10:16:23 UTC 2006

Hi Rashid and everyone,

Thanks for the tip.  The only thing in your instructions I had to
modify was to do a "cp -r" instead of just "cp" to recursively copy
the firefox directory into /opt/ (figured that out for myself).

The good news:  Firefox 2.0 is now working properly with regard to tab
managment.  I am pleased.

The bad news:  installing it this way makes it look *so*ugly* with
regard to fonts.  The Ubuntu package for Firefox 2.0 made the fonts
used conform to the rest of KDE, but this binary installer version
uses something terrible - character kerning is inconsistent and
difficult to read.  And the monospace fonts look even worse.

Can anyone else confirm the behavior I was seeing earlier, where the
Ubuntu package of Firefox 2.0 was not doing tabs properly?  Or was it
just me?  I am going to have to make a tough decision here to see
which is worse - lousy fonts or no tabs.  I am looking, but so far
have found no option in the Firefox menus to change the default fonts
(Bitstream Vera or whatever was default in Edgy was nice, I'd like to
go back to that if I can).

Thanks for the help with the manual installation though - that at
least is something different, if not better.


> Hi Cliff
> Its actually really easy to install from the .tar.gz Its the binary installer,
> no compilation necessary.
> Download the .tar.gz from and save it to your Desktop. Then
> open a console (K Menu > System > Konsole) then enter the following:
> cd ~/Desktop
> tar -xvzf firefox-2.0.tar.gz
> sudo cp firefox /opt
> cd /opt/firefox
> chmod a+x firefox
> ./firefox
> And thats it!
> Hope that helps :) Post back if you run into any problems

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