konqueror not displaying all folders (edgy)

Frode M. Døving frode at ubuntu.com
Sat Oct 28 11:00:53 BST 2006

Fredag 27 oktober 2006 20:00, skrev Nigel Ridley:
> Paul Worrall wrote:
> I found it rather frustrating that the directories under / did not show
> up in the side pane (except for 'Root Folder', home and media) even with
> "Show hidden files' they were only visible in the main window and not in
> the side pane as a 'tree' that I was used to. So, I went to
> /etc/kubuntu-default/settings/hidden-root and renamed it to
> hidden-rootOLD (I opened konq using 'Alt F2' then typing in 'kdesu
> konqureror' - gave my password and then navigated to the offending file).
> Now I can see all the tree structure as it _should_ be ;-)

The bug is reported.

- Frode

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